Artist: Tarrentella
Title: Adma
Label: RIP Digital
By: Andrew Rowland | 28 January 2009
  • 1. Adma (Vocal Mix)

Tarrentella "Adma"

Out Now on RIP Digital

It's great to see the RIP label back up and running again. The label forged a reputation in the early half of the decade for providing high quality house releases. Many of these releases became the staple diet for the DJ sets for all the major names within the progressive house community. Having been somewhat sidelined in recent years, possibly by the rapid rise of minimal techno, the recent sea of change that’s developed in favour of more melody based house seems an opportune moment for the label's rebirth.

‘Tarrentella’, aka producer Chris Bourne, relaunched the label recently with ‘Jigsaw’ and now follows that up with his second offering ‘Adma’. A tight rhythm track lays the initial foundation nicely for the track, which picks up momentum extremely quickly courtesy of a particularly groovy bass line. A stabbing lead riff compliments this well along with some subtle spacey rhythmic effects.

The billing of the vocal mix is rather somewhat misleading. This as the only words actually sung within the track, "sonically we’re in control", make a delayed appearance, saved until the tracks main drop. These do however come courtesy of the rather sultry tones of none other than Toni Halliday of cult indie group Curve and are the result of a rather cheeky sample lifted from the mighty Leftfield’s classic track ‘Original’. This sets up the tracks finale nicely with everything kicking off again in an uplifting crescendo.

There's no doubting labels like RIP have suffered as a result of being considered no longer relevant with the shift in clubland’s mentality toward the German sound. Because of this, who this track will find favour with, will depend solely on personal taste. Overall for me, ‘Adma’ is a no nonsense progressive house number, nothing ground breaking, but more of a reminder that a good old fashioned romp of a house tune will always leave a smile on the face!

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