Artist: Tarik Alj
Title: Frosted Tea EP
Label: Infamous Light Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 25 June 2004
  • 1. March (Extended Version)
  • 2. Funeste (Extended Version)
  • 3. Ketouak (Extended Version)
  • 4. Neige (Extended Version)

Tarik Alj "Frosted Tea EP"

Out Now on Infamous Light Recordings

Following the release from label boss PJ, Infamous Light Recordings picks up a newcomer from Canada named Tarik Alj. Tarik began exploring music at an early age, and was fascinated with deep and experimental sounds, riding along with a funky groove. His DJ sets and productions are a mixture of these sounds, and on his debut release the 'Frosted Tea EP', he lays down some incredible elements within tech house.

'March' starts off the EP. Techy drums start in while a low bassline moves slowly up and down. Tiny beeps fall into the percussion and a cut up crazed vocal snip works in dropping everything down into a break beat middle. Small sounds filter through the background and a smooth lightly arpeggiated synth rolls on up and out of the break. The synth has a dreamy sound to it and mixes perfectly with the bassline and percussion that builds back into the house beat.

'Funeste' is a futuristic tune with bouncy drums and an experimental vibe. The percussion is filled with layers of clicks and pops, high hats and cute tones. The bassline starts moving and building into a solid groove. Tiny beeps accompany short stops and quick breaks while sparkly synths work their way in. Nice pad sounds take off from there, moving the song till the end.

The hypnotic groove of 'Ketouak' is up next. Starting with a backing break beat and working into a harder kick and house beat, the song builds along a solid bassline. Watery beeps come in and are swooped up with a smooth swaying synth. A nice groove starts in and gallops through short breaks and changes.

'Neige' closes the EP down. Tight drum programming and a housey bassline shine, while the songs moves through breaks and quality production. A quirky sound plays with the percussion while the bassline moves up and down once again.

The 'Frosted Tea EP' is a nice tech house mix of sounds from Tarik Alj. Infamous Light Recordings second offering provides enough funk and experimental sounds to keep those ears glued. Jairus Miller 'Feng Shui' is the next release for Infamous Light, and should go down a storm.

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