Artist: Tantamanna
Title: Diverted Minds EP (Disc One)
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 18 April 2004
  • A: Infinite
  • B: Level 745

Tantamanna "Diverted Minds EP (Disc One)"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Italian trio Tantamanna return to the Baroque fold with this follow up to their Summer 2003 single 'Bad Dreams'. Furthering their development and experiments in sound, these guys have been busy, so busy in fact that they've managed to come up a two part EP called 'Diverted Minds', of which this is the first part.

The first track of the EP is 'Infinite', a dark and haunting tribal tinged affair, that fuses chunky tribal rhythms and atmospheric grooves, creating a moody late night track that will instill a feeling of uneasiness into your soul. Swirling effects and eerie melodies add an extra tangent to the overall mood, with a solid vocal hook working the groove throughout, the tempo shifting back and forth as the track develops, creating a satisfying driving edge that will have you hooked.

'Level 745' is an altogether different kettle of fish, taking a wilder, more twisted direction with it's hard hitting bassline and pig drum lines. Filtered vocals come into play early on, as a trippy electronic riff ripples through the groove, sliding aimlessly towards the break as it moves over and under the vocal refrains. Loops and synth lines take over during the breakdown and carrying this odd yet effective track to it's climax in fine fashion.

Two solidly produced tracks which will fit nicely into those late night sets, as Tantamanna pull out all the stops and show much improvement in comparison to their previous single.

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