Artist: TG
Title: The Night Surfer EP
Label: Fling Recordings
By: Andrew Bilen | 28 January 2008
  • A1: Night Surf
  • B1: Jam In My Pan
  • B2: For Sure

TG "The Night Surfer EP"

Out Now on Fling Recordings

The duo of Luke Dzierzek and Nick Liousias and their musical love child Fling Recordings have been on a roll with a pair of solid releases thus far. The third release on their still young label comes from producer TG, and I am really impressed with the results.

'Night Surf' is a magical little number that is both edgy and atmospheric at the same time, making for an addictive combination of synth pads and pounding house beats. Without question my favorite of the lot. Walking a perfect balance between a beautiful melody and an intoxicating groove, TG has put together a hypnotizing track that will take you under its spell. Easily one of the best tracks Fling has released to date.

'Jam In My Pan' is a bouncy electro-meets-tech house number, with a bass heavy in-your-face attitude that will get everyone's attention. With large, echoing synth builds that turn into full-fledged pounding beats backed by tech house-esque percussion, the track definitely wins points for originality. The breakdown is a killer, as it deconstructs all the central elements and then builds back up in a fury of distortion to create unstoppable energy and momentum. There is certainly some peak-time action to be had here, but the slightly over-the-top synths and vocal samples used may turn some away.

'For Sure' is a more glitchy, tech house adventure that takes this EP down a darker path. It features a very evil, sinister sound, and has an undeniably scary, haunted house vibe to it that works to intrigue while still supplying great energy. The breakdown highlights a style you would expect to hear in a dark underground techno rave, and would leave an audience in total awe.

This is a fantastic release for Fling, as each one seems to build on the momentum of the last. TG has crafted an EP that is diverse yet feels very cohesive, and deserves praise for its level of originality. 'Night Surf' is an incredible tune in its own right and I look forward to hearing more from TG and Fling.

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