Artist: Suntrigger
Title: Your Love
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 1 May 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Nick McAllister Mix

Suntrigger "Your Love"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

Suntrigger hail from Greece and are the duo of Mike Dee and Niko Chrisoulakis who have both been involved in music for some time, the former with his roots in drum and bass, and the latter as a computer engineer, having worked together in their home country on several projects, before becoming bitten by the deeper sounds of progressive house, which is when they started to develop the Suntrigger sound, with 'Your Love' being one of their first projects under the name.

Slow rattling percussion, deep tribal drums and effected stabs combine to form the intro on the 'Original Mix', a stomping rhythm bassline increasing the intensity gradually as effects echo in the large atmospheric void that ripples in the background. A series of synth waves wash over the groove, leading into the main section of the track where the eerie vocal rises from the darkness, adding a moody edge to this stomping progressive cut, as it slides through a series of deep mini breakdowns, each changing the key of the main riff until it cuts out to nothing at the end.

Sumsonic's latest addition 'Nick McAllister' grabs his snorkel and takes it deeper, utilising tight pads and a rolling percussion line from the outro, spacial effects and trippy grooves slowly building the tempo of the mix. Layered synths rise out of the beats as the main section of the track enters, small hi-hats sitting between the beats and drawing them out further, as we drop into the break early on, before an analogue style hook takes over, hiding under the vocal before reintroducing itself at the end forcing the bass to drop out and end the track.

Quite different to a lot of Mechanism's recent releases, the emotion and melody drawing from elements of trance, but fusing them with deep house grooves in innovative fashion. Nick McAllister's mix in particular shines, and he wll be a name to keep an eye over the coming months as further relases come from the label.

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