Artist: Subsky Vs Muzo
Title: Error / Feed The Deer
Label: Pangea UK
By: Chloe Harris | 2 September 2004
  • A: Error
  • B: Feed The Deer

Subsky Vs Muzo "Error / Feed The Deer"

Out Now on Pangea UK

Pangea starts their sister label, Pangea UK, with two big players in the scene. Subsky and Muzo get together in the studio to release the massive 'Error' backed with 'Feed The Deer'. These two artists don’t need much introduction, as they have both been active players in the scene for a while now with their tunes on various labels. 'Error', with it's dramatic synth work and deep bassline, has been getting strong play by Steve Gerrard, Sasha, and Nick Warren on floors all around the world, and on the flip, 'Feed The Deer' has a galloping bassline that runs rampant with sweet arpeggations.

'Error' starts in with a low pulsing groove, spacey mental sounds, and an acid bubbling middle that bounces along perfectly with the techy beats. Twinkly sounds start to build and drop along the beats, while layers of sound stabs down creating a solid groove. Into an easy break, the synths all wrap up in each other, working and swirling around until a massive bass comes in. It's long and rides smoothly for a big build up into a kick drum. Taking off only for a few minutes, the long bass and massive washes of sound create a symphonic wall of melodies and a dramatic feel. Another drop off, and the long bass dwindles off and the acidy bubbly bassline comes back. The acid bubbles, synths and techy beats drive us to the end of this brilliantly laid out tune.

'Feed The Deer' has a very uplifting sound, but also captures a deepness that keeps your ears glued to the tune. The drums start out tribal with cool toms and a quick shuffle, while a sweet arpeggiator moves in the background. A low groove sets in to the song, as warm sweeping synths rise above the beats moving and swirling the sounds together. The bassline rides changes as it flows up and down, and finally drops off into a deep breakdown. A new synth is brought in and swims along with the sweeping synths climbing and flying to new height. All the sounds reach a peak together and finally burst back into the drums finishing the song with a great ending.

This is an amazing first release. The power of these two in the studio together brings new life into progressive music done straight up or on the rocks. I'll have a few more please.

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