Artist: Stroud
Title: I Am With You
Label: Mining Vinyl Records
By: Chloe Harris | 9 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Noel Sanger Breaks Mix

Stroud "I Am With You"

Out Now on Mining Vinyl Records

Stroud grew up in the DC and Virginia area in the states. Playing at clubs such as Buzz in DC, along with radio shows and other club and rave experiences, he found himself devoted to dance music and wanted to push himself further. He started Mining Vinyl Records up to share his own sounds, along with sounds he believed in. 'I Am With You' features the vocals of Cho, and is a druggy trippy trancy tune with a light male vocal and loads of layers. Noel Sanger provides a gorgeous break beat excursion swimming in cut up beats and lush layers.

The 'Original Mix' is a trippy, layered progressive tune. Trancy melodies shine through the tough beats. The melodies and drums build together and drop into a nice bassy groove. Lazer sounds hide in the background as the synths take us into a deep break. The vocal shines though the synths, with effects and some distortion. The song builds back up again and rides along the layers till it ends.

'Noel Sanger' puts his ginger touch to the remix and belts out a smooth progressive break. The drums are reworked into a poppy smooth break with a low bass tone that fits perfectly. Lush layers of synths wash over the tune, with hidden sparkling melodies in the background that move along with the percussion. The vocal peaks through the synths in the break, captured by the swirling synths and back into the breaks.

Mining Vinyl Records is onto their nint release. This trakc was received well within the progressive community and was in the Balance Promote chart for four weeks. We can expect a lot of things coming from this new talent. Stroud will be making a mark very soon.

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