Artist: Streetdegree
Title: Personality Disorder / Stellate
Label: Electrofly Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 January 2004
  • A: Personality Disorder
  • B: Stellate

Streetdegree "Personality Disorder / Stellate"

Out Now on Electrofly Records

Canada seems to be a melting pot of talent if you were to review the last few months. Luke Fair, Greg Benz, Sultan, MV, and more recently Shiloh have all carved their own niche in the music scene over the past few months, each holding high regard from music lovers everywhere. Now it's time to add another to that list as Streetdegree's debut single drops on Electrofly. Producer Tarek Abodial dishes up two unique cuts here, with 'Personality Disorder' having been a nice little secret weapon for those who have followed his work from the early days. Backed by the track 'Stellate', is this another Canadian ready to rise up and seize the day?

'Personality Disorder' is a departure from the previous on Electrofly, drawing influence from some old skool electro roots. Big rippling stabs, a no nonsense drum pattern and trippy sounds push things along, but it's when the speaker tweaking bleeps rumble through the groove that things start to heat up. Vibrating hooks and some stop-start delays twist things up a little, putting the final touch on a nice little bassbin basher indeed.

'Stellate' is more in the progressive vein, with a spooky chord line weaving it's way through a throbbing wall of beats and bass to get things underway. Gradual tempo changes create a nice swelling groove, with the trippy minimalist effects contrasting the tight beats splendidly, although don't expect something full on as this is a little more on the chilled side.

I must admit, in comparison to previous releases on the label, this one didn't really grab my attention straight away, and even after a few listens I find myself undecided about where I lie with this. The production is very busy, but this is down to Tarek's full on approach to his work, and whilst this may not appeal to the progressive heads too much, the more purist breaks fiends out there will enjoy it I'm sure.

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