Artist: Stirfry
Title: Lose Control
Label: Kilowatt Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 27 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dan F Mix

Stirfry "Lose Control"

Out Now on Kilowatt Recordings

Stirfry is one of many projects of the man known as Ronnie (or John Ross to his mum). Over the years he has been part of The Light alongside Joe Williams, as well his other project Proper Filthy Naughty which he has also been developing alongside Stirfry. With such a diverse range of productions, his work has found it's way into pretty much every big name dj's box in some form or another, but will this latest single, 'Lose Control' do the same? Let's see..

A pulsating riff kicks things off, soon giving away to big electronic guitar licks under which punchy beats bounce freely. Laser style synths bubble whilst the vocal launches forth amidst the rock style groove. The fluctuating beats add to the raw thrashing of the track and it's almost punky attitude will grab attention on the floor. The only complaint perhaps is that the beats could have a little bit more menace to them to compliment the rest of the track, but other than that it's a decent offering from Stirfry.

The remix comes from 'Dan F' who needs no introduction thanks to his superb work on his own Asian imprint Disuye. His interpretation starts off with some great use of tripped out percussion and atmospherics but soon develops into a bass driven affair, using a warm sub bass b-line to sit under tight compacted beats, with the occasional guitar lick rising as the vocal flows freely over the top. Halfway through the bass becomes more dominant and the vocal gets reworked and filtered to push the intense beats further, suprising with it's change of direction, but the quality of the mix is no surprise, for the reasons we said at the start.

A tight release for Kilowatt, looking set to really break out this year with Terminalhead already turning heads with their 'Weekend Warriors' album and forthcoming material from the likes of General Midi already finding it's way into many dj boxes. Watch this space..

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