Artist: Stewart Keenan & Muzikjunki
Title: Feel Now
Label: Navigation Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 October 2003
  • A1: Breaks Mix
  • B1: Frequential Road Mix
  • B2: Nu Skool Mix

Stewart Keenan & Muzikjunki "Feel Now"

Out Now on Navigation Records

Stewart Keenan may be the label manager of Navigation Records, but he's also been developing his production skills over the last few months. This latest release sees him team up with Holland based producer Muzikjunki for a track entitled 'Feel Now' that is one of the duo's early works, but there are a range of mixes on offer. Here's what you have to choose from...

First up is Stewart and Muzikjunki's 'Breaks Mix'. A huge kickdrum loop wastes no time in setting the pace and mood of this progressive style breaks mix, rumbling bass adding a certain menace that many breaks purists will love. Moody downtempo effects and an analogue style melody offset the driving, rumbling elements of the track. The only negative thing to say about the track is that you expect it to really let loose and it just seems to stick to a pre determined route. Nevertheless, a nice mood builder, but just falling short of being a peak time bomb.

Over on the b-side are two mixes, the first of which is the 'Frequential Road Mix'. This is basic progressive style remix which uses tribal style percussion which carries the track to a moody break via stabs to offset the groove and a series of drops. Again, nothing earth shattering, and overshadowed by the a-side mix, and whilst it adds a different flavour to the single, there are many tracks that do the same thing, and do it far better.

The final mix is a 'Nu Skool Breaks Mix' which builds on the same template created by the a-side progressive breaks mix, with more focus on the dirty beats and percussion. The bad point is that it's far too short and as such it's use is limited, but it does double up as a rather tasty set opener or as a dj tool to lead into the other breaks mix.

A bit of mixed bag really. The a-side mix by Stewart and Muzikjunki is worth a listen but the rest of the mixes are either just additional filler or disguised dj tools, which detracts from the overall package, but offers limited appeal for the house heads and nu skool purists. However, be sure to watch out for the duo's forthcoming remix of Jase From Outta Space's 'Do What You Want' which looks set to be a big release for Navigation later in the year.

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