Artist: Steve Porter
Title: Vodka Cranberries
Label: Nu Republic
By: Simon Jones | 27 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Fretwell Mix

Steve Porter "Vodka Cranberries"

Out Now on Nu Republic

Steve Porter is a producer that constantly blurs the lines and transcends genres with his music. Each project he works on constantly redefines the idea of what is "progressive", and his production work is unrivalled amongst his peers. 'Vodka Cranberries' is without a doubt one of his most anticipated works, with demand having grown on an almost weekly basis over the last few months. The wait is now over as this monster release launches Will Murgatroyd's Nu Republic imprint in grand fashion, with remix duties falling to man of the moment Fretwell.

Porter's 'Original Mix' is a huge affair that will leave a hole in the dancefloor. Starting off fairly restrained, it's not long before heavy kick drums and some trippy melodic lines come into play, assembling a groove that will hypnotise you. As the melody drifts subconsciously over the top, awesome key changing stabs are brought in to great effect, a subtle drop early on turning the tempo on it's head and pushing the bassline even harder. Watch out for the killer riff that reveals itself in the centre of the track, climaxing in a massive breakdown that is very much a rare hands in the air moment, with compressed drum arrangements at the end pulling you off the ceiling. A stupendously good track from a producer who can do no wrong.

Following such a slick original was never going to be easy but 'Fretwell' does so admirably, turning in a moody breakbeat interpretation that goes as deep as the vast blue sea. Rolling bass and a solid consistent drum line allows the atmosphere to swell and develop throughout the track, with the melody line accompanied by some haunting floating effects that will fill the biggest of rooms. The fear within is unleashed as bass leads through the second half of the track, with big keys, swirling effects and that hypnotic hook all causing damage. As beautiful as this Northern Exposure inspired breaks mix is, there's a beast instead that soon makes its presence felt.

There's not much more I can say here really, aside from this is one of those records that is going to deliver the goods each and every time you would choose to use it, and for that reason alone, it belongs in your box. A blinding start for Nu Republic, and another notch in an almost faultless track record of one of the scene's finest producers.

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