Artist: Steve Porter
Title: Vodka Cranberries (Remixes)
Label: Nu Republic
By: Simon Jones | 9 July 2004
  • A: Sean Q6 Mix
  • B: Grayarea Mix

Steve Porter "Vodka Cranberries (Remixes)"

Out Now on Nu Republic

The original 12" of Steve Porter's 'Vodka Cranberries' was yet another solid release from one of the most respected producers from across the pond, with the UK's own 'Fretwell' proving he can more than mix it up with the big boys when he needs to. Both mixes have received huge support, but haven't perhaps reached every niche that they could. Well that's about to be rectified with this remix disc. Sean Q6 and Grayarea are on hand to provide their own versions of the track, giving us the definitive and final set of mixes to complete the package.

'Sean Q6' strips the original down, dropping in some tight percussive rhythms and drum and sliding the melody through the soundtrack that emerges. The result is a deep, spaced out mix that tech heads or house purists will be all over. A hazy but oddly addictive piece of work that is carried along by the original's awesome melodic keys, but with a tech house groove that will really trip you out, in a fashion that only the man Cusick is capable of.

'Grayarea' pull out all the stops as per usual, taking the 4/4 route and turning in a pounding bass driven monster that will send the dancefloor into a frenzy. Killer riffs and heavy kickdrums turn up the tempo, with a few twists and turns making it hit like an unpredictable wrecking ball, building to all out devastation in the ballsy, brashy style that is very much a part of all of their tracks. One final drop near the end and the final assault will make sure nothing or no one is is left standing. A devastating mix from the Chi-town trio.

Nu Republic continue to lay the foundations of it's long term plan, with 'Vodka Cranberries' the first of many excellent releases the label has lined up for the coming months. These remixes of the track are an excellent addition to the original 12", and are just as deserving of a place in you record box.

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