Artist: Steve Porter
Title: Homegrown
Label: FDS Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 26 January 2005
  1. Fluffer Nutter
  2. Between 9 & 10
  3. Swanky
  4. Bobble Daze
  5. Beat N Potatoes
  6. Vodka Cranberries
  7. Rage In The Cage
  8. Sandbox
  9. Definite Form
  10. Electric Jelly
  11. Lady Elaine
  12. Square Dancing
  13. Purina
  14. Homegrown

Steve Porter "Homegrown"Steve Porter "Homegrown"

Out Now on FDS Recordings

Steve Porter is set to release his debut long player “Homegrown” on FDS Records, and what a debut it is. “Homegrown” is a collection of diverse tracks with a solid house foundation. Each track stands on its own, but when all tracks are taken as a whole on “Homegrown,” Steve Porter shows the world what he can really do. This debut stands in the top league of heavy hitters.

“Homegrown” is quality, original material and the sequencing and mixing of those tracks couldn’t be better. Steve has this continuity that I can’t put my finger on with the entire mix yet he still manages to hit every spectrum of dance sounds and styles. Once of the best put together compilations of original material I have heard in a while.

I was very impressed with the second EP for “Homegrown”. It has five top tracks taken straight off the full length and EP #1, reviewed by Chloe, covers another four, but there are five more top tracks on Porter’s debut LP. I will cover those five here in this review.

The more I hear “Fluffer Nutter” the more I feel I have hit an unexpected gem. It’s damn sweet and only available here on this LP. It is a great way to start off “Homegrown.”

Up next is “Between 9 & 10” which showcases Steve’s first injection of eclectic electric keyboarding soul. Solo blasts of jazzy, flashes of the past twist the song in all directions.

“Bobble Daze” is another previously unreleased track. It is a solid house track with a deep running bassline. It runs on tough straight beats and is accented by washing synths to give it a bit of mood.

With “Vodka Cranberries” coming in at track six, Porter busts out some outstandingly beautiful music. This track has had its debut release on Nu Republic as two separate vinyls with remixes from Fretwell, Sean Cusick and Grayarea. The quality of this track stands on its own.

Definite Form is the last track not covered by either EP review but it has seen a release on Sander’s Little Mountain Recordings. Although to get a non-remixed version, you will have to get this deep pounder here. As Simon put it, “There are not many records as fun as this one!”

Steve Porter is no doubt one of the hottest of the next generation producers. FDS and Fade have done well to pull him in to their ever expanding arsenal of heavy hitters. Watch for new Porter singles on Fade Records and Saw Recordings in the near future. Steve has also recently collaborated with Chris Fortier, and you can read all about that in our latest interview with him.

The album will be available as an early exclusive download on iTunes,, Napster, MusicNet (AOL), Virgin Digital, MSN Music, and other fine digital music stores from January 28th 2005, and the cd version will follow shortly thereafter on FDS Recordings.

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