Artist: Steve Porter
Title: Homegrown EP #3
Label: FDS Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 10 August 2005
  • 1. Fluffer Nutter
  • 2. Between 9 & 10
  • 3. Bobble Daze
  • 4. Neptune

Steve Porter "Homegrown EP #3"

Out Now on FDS Recordings

American legend Steve Porter provides us with some of the strongest tracks off his album Homegrown, and even throws us in a bonus track not seen on the album. Porter's unique blend of styles is evident on the EP, and we see quite a large diversity between each track.

Fluffer Nutter had the huge task of being the opening track on the album. Its building percussion hits us head on, and from early on we know we are in for something special. The driving bassline sets up perfectly for an intro: being mellow whilst not boring us, and having a true sense of direction. The melody is brough into the mid to high ranges of the composition, and gives the track a very warm sense of atmosphere. A definate winner here.

Between 9 & 10 strips things back a lot, and pushes us into the backseat to sit back and enjoy. A more bouncing feel than the earlier track, Porter's trademark melodies make a return here. Being in no rush to get anywhere, the track takes its time to build itself up, and its lazy groove showcases Porter's diversity as a producer.

Bobble Daze picks up the pace a little, but again, nothing here ever feels rushed. This lazy feel is very unique, and definately to Porter's credit. With a tough bassline ripping through more than just the lower levels of the track, the melody sits in the higher ranges providing an excellent contrast. The overall simplicity of the track works well, and the production values are tight as always.

Porter has been nice enough to provide us with Neptune, a track which did not make itself to the tracklist of Homegrown. This however does not in any way indicate a lack of quality. The lazy feel is gone from this track, but has more of a dancefloor scene in mind. Lush melodies in the high ranges again compliment a bass driven lower level, and smooth piano riffs make an appearance to soften the mood. This in turn is contrasted by tough mid range underlying melodies. The many different contrasts never fail to cohere at any point, and make for a strong groove sure to light any dancefloor on fire.

A strong release here, and for those who haven't picked up the full Homegrown album, this EP is quite possible the strongest of the 3, and definately worth checking out. If you enjoy this EP, the album is highly reccomended, and whilst not all of its tracks contain the originality showcased here, it is nonetheless a solid release.

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