Artist: Steve Porter
Title: Homegrown EP #2
Label: FDS Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 26 January 2005
  • A1: Homegrown
  • B1: Rage In The Cage
  • C1: Swanky
  • D1: Sandbox
  • D2: Electric Jelly

Steve Porter "Homegrown EP #2"

Out Now on FDS Recordings

On his second EP from the “Homegrown” LP, Steve Porter delivers an eclectic set of tracks and is showing his skills as a next generation producer. This EP is coming from FDS Recordings, a new label dedicated to fresh sounding music that helps push the boundaries of what we call House.

This EP starts with the title track “Homegrown” getting a whole side of A track vinyl to itself. To get an idea of this track, think Orbital meets Sasha meets…well, Steve Porter. Porter has come into a sound for himself which is known by his fan base as “Porterhouse.” That sound is centered on eclectic. “Homegrown” starts off with some pretty sturdy beats on this unique melodic gem, but for the last few minutes of the track Porter drops it way down to an after hour ambient soundscape. It is a truly brilliant, sunny track.

It’s tough to go from “Homegrown” straight into “Rage in the Cage” as Rage is a kick in the pants from the relaxation I was settling into. But it shows just how eclectic and varied Porters tracks are here on this EP. I don’t even know exactly where to start when describing “Rage in the Cage” so I’ll start with one word, “fresh”. This song is very fresh and original with jazz influences laid over strong beats and driving rhythms. It brings back memories of Erik Kupper’s early works as K Scope.

“Sandbox” is emotionally charged to an almost head in the clouds anathematic level. The rhythm and beats are infectiously groovy and will have any dance floor filled. This is one of my top picks from the entire “Homegrown” LP.

“Swanky” offers up three and a half minutes of stompy beats and gritty groove. Again showing Orbital influences, Steve Porter busts out some really classic synths to put a face on swank. Just try stay still while listening to this one. Showing his support for this track, Felix da Housecat has picked up “Swanky” for his new Playboy compilation.

Closing this EP is “Electric Jelly.” It is a bright sparkly track with a nice solid bass line to add some groove to the mix.

The album will be available as an early exclusive download on iTunes,, Napster, MusicNet (AOL), Virgin Digital, MSN Music, and other fine digital music stores from January 28th 2005, and the cd version will follow shortly thereafter on FDS Recordings.

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