Artist: Steve Porter
Title: Definite Form
Label: Little Mountain Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 3 November 2003
  • A: Jumpin Dub
  • B: Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Remake

Steve Porter "Definite Form"

Out Now on Little Mountain Recordings

Steve Porter needs no introduction. One of the progressive scene's most prolific names, he has earned respect and admiration amongst his peers, as well as a huge fan base amongst vinyl junkies and club goers for his many different projects. Be it his collaborations with the likes of John Debo, Jimmy Van M, Quivver and many more, or his numerous remixes or productions, Steve never fails to impress and 'Definite Form' is another track that follows that ethos. Since Sander Kleinenberg first got his mitts on it, it has been a staple in his sets, and subsequently signed up for release on his label, Little Mountain. And now it's here, so what has Mr Porter cooked up this time?

Steve's own 'Jumpin Dub' interpretation is a heavy hitting cut that makes a statement right from the start, as big vibrating beats smash into the subtle groove that leads us deeper into the mix where the main bassline soon becomes prevalent and starts bouncing loosely over the atmospheric layers slid in below. Dropping out as a melody loop works its way in, subtle breakbeat sections build back into the funky bass, as the mix starts to live up to it's name, with big hooks rising over the track and breaking up the groove, pushing things down into the ground as everything fades out. The melody returns with an acid tinged variation of the bassline drills back in with dramatic grandeur and presence, before slowly restoring the chaos to a sense of order at the end. Drop this onto the decks anytime anywhere and just watch it live up to it's name. There's not many records as fun as this one!

Meanwhile, 'Remy and Roland Klinkenberg' deliver their own remake on the flip, reworking the funky vibes of the original into tight breakbeat style mix that starts off with some subtle percussion but soon lets loose as the bassline gradually works it's way in. Beats bob up and down, the bass filtered as they meet, with feedback effects and a subtle drop or two directing the track into a chime-led solo. The original bassline then lifts the mood before the beats take over for the finale. Remy and Roland take it deeper here, and whilst it doesn't have the dynamic appeal of the 'Jumpin Dub', it's a smart little mix in it's own right.

As the first proper release on Sander Kleinenberg's Little Mountain imprint, 'Definite Form' sums up a lot of what the label aims to encompass, with no genre restriction in place. Just fun music you can dance your ass off to, and this record will make you do that each time you give it a listen. Another fine release from the ever consistent Steve Porter.

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