Artist: Steve Mcmahon
Title: Coggit Manger EP
Label: 3Beat Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 22 December 2004
  • A: Meninin
  • B: Tamin

Steve Mcmahon "Coggit Manger EP"

Out Now on 3Beat Breaks

It's been just over a year since 3 Beat Breaks launched, and since then we've been treated to some superb music, not only from some of the movers and shakers of the scene, but the label has prided itself on pushing new talent into the spotlight. Steve McMahon is a young producer from Ireland, whom heavily inspired by the burgeoning breakbeat scene took the steps to start producing his own music, the first works of which can be heard here on the 'Coggit Manger EP'.

On the A-side, we have 'Meninin' and it's not long before the influences behind Steve's love for breakbeat become apparent. Throwing down some tight beats and percussive arrangements, this track is a tough and brooding affair, building nicely from the early stages with some dark undertones that fans of the Zero Tolerance label will relate with. Descending into the breakdown, Steve throws in some edits that add a cool twist without becoming overblown, with the overall production throughout very impressive for a debut production.

'Tamin' takes us via a different route. A deeper, atmospheric track that utilises some some smooth bass layers in a way that lifts the rest of the track to another level. The same tight percussion and rugged beats that it's counterpart possesses are also evident here, but as they are filtered through the thick sweeping bass, they sound far more refined and larger than life, with some added synth lines and crazy edits giving this track all it needs to pump the dancefloor into a state of wild spasm.

A surprising debut from this newcomer, and whilst it doesn't quite push new boundaries, it's an impressive and well produced EP that is a worthy addition to the label's catalogue and equally as worthy of a place in your record box.

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