Artist: Sterio & McGrath
Title: Hostile Ground
Label: Source Of Gravity Records
By: Chloe Harris | 20 March 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Ambience Mix
  • B1: Perc Mix

Sterio & McGrath "Hostile Ground"

Out Now on Source Of Gravity Records

Sterio & McGrath lay down their debut single on Source Of Gravity. ‘Hostile Ground’ is a thick deep tribal tune with the right amount groove and sounds to capture you. The 'Perc' remix comes from Choo Choo and Perc Trax man, Ali Wells. Ali's clanging, driving monster has been caned by Moshic at various gigs and there's also a wonderful 'Ambient' mix that should please many.

The 'Original Mix' of Hostile Ground is a deep tribal affair with ethnic and organic sounds looming in the darkness. Crisp highs accompany the creepy layers. A slow brooding tune that walks slowly into a dark ambient break of flute tones and slight sounds. A very trippy tune for the darkest of night.

The 'Ambient Mix' can be used as a breakdown or to overlay on top of something else, but works just as well on its on. Deep synths travel with a slight apeggitated synth in the background. Thunderous movements crash down and smooth out into ethereal flute type sounds. A smooth blissful ride though darkness.

'Perc' finishes up with a tough remix that starts off in a fury of clanging drums and arpeggiated snyths. A huge driving bassline accompanies heavy banging stabs of darkness, while twinkling synths bounce all around. There is a lot of movement and action along the way, building and breaking down a few times, but always maintaining the banging groove.

'Hostile Ground' is a great release for Sterio & McGrath. Deep and dark are the sounds of the night, and having Perc in on a remix was a great way to get this into the hands of many.

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