Artist: Stereonova
Title: Circus EP (Disc Two)
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 29 January 2004
  • A: Tron Fill
  • B: Circus

Stereonova "Circus EP (Disc Two)"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

The second half of Stereonova's 'Circus EP' contains two original tracks, including the title track 'Circus'. Backed by the oddly named 'Tron Fill, these two tracks finish up what has already become apparent from the first disc as being a step forward in the Stereonova sound. Whether it's the right direction remains to be seen, so let's commence onward to find out..

'Tron Fill' is Stereonova's journey into the world of computer games, a minimal tribal percussion groove and airy electronic synths cascade around the beats that track, with a robotic vocal carrying things forward. The bassline constantly slides in with pulsating sounds rising up as the track slinks to it's end. Quirky quality beeps are the order of the day here.

The title track 'Circus' is another deep and spacey tribal style track, with a cool hypnotic analogue groove that really grabs your attention. A snare bassline enters without warning, toying with your mind whilst building to a funky breakdown where the synths bounce off into the distance, followed by huge drum lines which bring this track to a close.

Another eclectic pair of tracks, much like the other part of the EP, with all four showing a creative flair and traditional house sounds that the Italians have become respected for. However, the previous singles still their best work, with this slightly more experimental EP just falling short of that standard.

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