Artist: Stereonova
Title: Circus EP (Disc One)
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Chloe Harris | 26 January 2004
  • A: Circus (Monkz Perverz Mix)
  • B: Play

Stereonova "Circus EP (Disc One)"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

The Italian trio Stereonova are back on Plastic Fantastic with some new tracks for 2004. With previous singles 'Sometimes' and 'People Started To Move' released on the label previously they need no introduction, but over the months have developed and refined their sound, as this two part EP shows. This first part continues one of those tracks alongside a remix from another of Plastic Fantastic's recording artists, Monkz.

The 'Monkz Perverz Mix' of the title track 'Circus' is filled with sweeping synths and a disco groove. A funky bassline pumps while quick changes work into a frenzy of layers. Percussive drops and fills carry on till a short break, popping quickly into a twisted world of voices. The synth effects change to a gated more layered sound while rumbles of drums build back up and into the song. Something very disco influenced in many ways, but very techy and subtle at the same time.

'Play', the first of the original material on the EP, is filled with electro zaps, clicks and pops along with a subtle minimal house groove. The bassline moves slowly in a swaying motion that doesn’t change up too much, but fits perfectly with the spacey sounds. Delayed vocals provided by the mysterious Tek loom with the beats adding spice to the tune. Something made for late nights with a quite vibe.

Two tracks which continue the Stereonova sound in fine fashion, but that won't set the world alight as they aren't too different to what has come before. Perhaps the second half of the EP will make up for it though.

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