Artist: Stephan Hinz
Title: Meet You On The Other Side
Label: Global Scum Records
By: Devon Shaw | 23 October 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: My Techy Side Mix

Stephan Hinz "Meet You On The Other Side"

Out Now on Global Scum Records

At the current rate, Global Scum Recordings is off to an impressive start. Leading with Subsky's impressive 'Specdrum EP', owner Stephen Hinz puts his own touch on 'Meet You On The Other Side', the label's sophomore release. Perhaps not so shockingly Hinz has tastefully crafted a dual-purpose single that parallels the utility of Subsky's release, in that it offers both dreamy and tech-electro flavors of house.

The 'Original Mix' opens with a meticulous, purposeful plodding befitting of an opening set. The bass is warm and unobtrusive, letting a montage of synths and pads carry a progressively developing main melody. At it's peak the track feels medieval-inspired, with light effects sweeping back and forth across the aforementioned atmospheric work. An arp accompanies the breakdown, which actually isn't all that far removed from the feel of the rest of the song -- it's laid back, lush and executes impressively in style. At just over 10 minutes with slightly prolonged builds and breakdowns, this tune is ripe for mixing and serves up nicely.

Changing things up - for the better - is a self-reworked version 'My Techy Side' by Hinz. Immediately it's clear this is a different monster. Electro synths and stabby bass occupy the primary soundscape, though with careful listening you can actually hear the effectiveness of the original arrangement. It's chopped up, seasoned, tossed in a blender and shredded to pieces, all to the delight of the listener. This actually carries a bit of peak time feel to it, though it would be perfectly at home in the dirtiest of dirty.

If this release is proof positive of anything, it's that Hinz is clearly establishing a niche sound of melody-driven, tech-inspired house that plays well with a large variety of tracks, sounds and mix sets. Both tracks here are equally impressive for their respective purposes, and offer enough versatility that a release like this comes recommended for the latest addition to a progressive DJs arsenal. Count me in for Global Scum's future releases.

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