Artist: Stel & Good Newz
Title: Particle
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 18 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Nick & John Dalagelis Mix

Stel & Good Newz "Particle"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Stel & Good Newz are the Greek duo of Stelios Vassiloudis & Vangelis Labrakis, a partnership that have seemingly come out of nowhere to be the hot names on everyone's lips at the moment. Already they have caught the attention of many of the premier league DJs with their fresh productions and diverse sounds. One such DJ is Dave Seaman, who upon hearing 'Particle' signed it in quick fashion to his Audiotherapy label, in addition to including it as the finale track on his disc of the Renaissance Therapy Sessions compilation. The fact that it was one of the standout tracks at Renaissance's night at WMC 2004 seems to indicate that it has all the hallmarks of another massive release for the label, and upon hearing it I'm inclined to agree.

The duo's 'Original Mix' is a superb melodic piece that starts off slowly, but when the bassline hits, you are instantaneously locked into one roller coaster ride that will leave no corner of the dancefloor unchartered. Big keys float up through the rolling groove, with subtle melodies and pads adding big room sensibilities to the overall production. As the keys and melodies intensify heading into the break, warm sub bass enters, the melody washing over the top. As the energy is unleashed from it's cage, the bassline spins out of control and you just have to watch the dancefloor to see this sonar serpent sink it's teeth in and poison the dancefloor with it's intoxicating melodies.

New Yorkers 'Nick & John Dalagelis' take the original and reinterpret it, putting together a sublime dub interpretation. Rolling grooves and tribal style drums remain the focus of the mix throughout as the main melody is teased sparingly throughout, encapsulated by atmospheric effects and rising snares which creep up and over the top. The groove chugs along, dropping into an ambient-esque breakdown where the melody floats over loose keys, shimmering with spine chilling magnificence as the waves of atmosphere fade away to finish.

Audiotherapy's track record for delivering tunes that will leave a trail of devastation on the dancefloor is unsurpassed, and you can be sure that this little beauty will be keeping a few sound technicians and floor fitters in a job with all the dancefloors it will rip apart. Take note of the name Stel & Good Newz, as by the end of 2004, you can be sure that you will have heard a lot more from them, but more on that later, as all you need to know right now is that this record belongs in your record box.

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