Artist: Starkid
Title: Crayons 2004
Label: Release Elements
By: Simon Jones | 25 October 2004
  • A: Leama & Moor Mix
  • B: MV Mix

Starkid "Crayons 2004"

Out Now on Release Elements

Originally released back in the summer of 2003, Starkid's 'Crayons' introduced us to the musical talents of Adam Spears, a young and inspirational talent who's youthful innocence and uninfluenced insight touched the souls of many people with whom he came into contact. Sadly his life was all too short as he tragically passed away a mere year later, leaving a huge void in the lives of not only his family and friends, but with those lucky enough to have heard his music. 'Crayons' however was the defining moment in his all too short career, and this long anticipated re-release is a fitting tribute to Adam's legacy.

'Leama & Moor', undoubtedly one of the most prolific production outfits of the moment, take Adam's emotional original and give it a more epic big room reworking, building on the original rolling groove with many layers of melodies and synths, whilst retaining the original idea of the track in all it's glory. The 'In Loving Memory.. Mix' is a dreamy, melancholic and energetic mix that takes the track to the heights it deserves, forever ensuring Adam's spirit will live on through this track.

'MV' also provides his own interpretation, a deeper and reflective percussion based mix that takes the additive main hook of the track and loops it over and over, the subtle melodies never ending as they glide over the rugged beats and heavy bass. As the melody drops and rises halfway through the track, we only need remember that somewhere Adam is looking on, watching as more of us are touched by his music, as excited as the first time he ever witnessed it.

A poignant set of remixes that capture and encapsulates everything that young Adam Spears was, and you can be sure that everything he's given to us, some more than others, he is now sharing with the angels in paradise, scribbling his legacy on the clouds in the skies above.

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