Artist: Spooky
Title: Andromeda
Label: White Label
By: Chloe Harris | 3 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix

Spooky "Andromeda"

Out Now on White Label

Spooky is a name that has been around many years, from the early stages of progressive house to the music of today and tomorrow. Duncan Forbes and Charlie May are amazing producers. Their combined list of artists they have worked with is extraordinary, and the work they do is classic and refined. Back in the studio once again, they follow up their last single 'Belong' with a beautiful, rhythmic slice of music called 'Andromeda'.

'Andromeda' could be sounds from outer space. Tiny layers of quick and punchy drums come in. Air effects on the hits and high hats in all the right places. A light stabbing sound slices into the drums. Tiny plucked sounds bounce on top, and fall into a break. Dwindling sounds fall into a bouncy bassline, and build effortlessly into a key change. Staccato sounds leap over the drums, as washy pads start sweeping the song away. The key changes are ever so slight, but move through nice layers. Uplifting sounds take us away into another quick break, which fades into a vacuum effect, and is spit out just like how it all began. An amazing song, with brilliant layers, and some beautifully orchestrated sounds.

Spooky have done it again and proved why they are such a strong force in music today. 'Andromeda' builds and builds with its many layers, takes many twists and turns, all while being something for the dancefloor. Duncan Forbes and Charlie May make music for people who listen to sounds. Each sound is an intricate piece of their puzzle, and the puzzles they happen to create are wonderful pieces for our ears to hear. The only piece missing is the second side, but this limited white label is a nice taster of what may possibly come on the second Spooky album being created as we speak.

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