Artist: Spoiled Presents Stoler
Title: 3 AM
Label: iNtra Records
By: Michael Schreiber | 5 February 2003
  • A: Chris Lake's Trippin' Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Spoiled Presents Stoler "3 AM"

Out Now on iNtra Records

Israelian DJ & Producer Elad Avnon is the man behind the moniker "Spoiled" presenting us with artist, Roy Stoler's latest work "3am." Its release comes via Intra Records, established in 2002 by Elad & co-founder, DJ Ivor Picardo. The label originally was a platform for Elad's own productions, including the Top 40 UK hit "More & More" by Spoiled & Zigo that went on to being licensed for over 40 compilations worldwide. In 2002, they decided to move Intra to the UK and refocus aim towards delivery of credible, quality dance/house music across the spectrum, determined not to be tied to any one style or preconceived ideas.

Of major note is that "3am" is the first full label release for Intra. Previous tracks were releases licensed to Universal, Polydor, Manifesto and Black Hole Records among others. The Intra recording "Over Emotion" by Lyric & Natali was featured on Oakenfold's "Traveling" compilation and became a Hooj label 12" release.

Original Mix
Heavy 4/4 beat with each beat completed by a quick one-clap, along with high-hat snare and an additional beat consisting of a sound similar to tapping on a glass. After each set of 8 beats, a second clapping sound comes in then echoes out. At the 1 minute mark a deep lush chord comes is and repeats at the start of each 8-beat segment and also trails off in an echo. At 2:50 we hear the first snippet of a heavy German accent male spoken vocal saying "Some kind of beeps" repeating as it echoes out. There’s a lot of similarity to Lula’s vocal in NYLX’s “Goosebumps” with how it’s spoken and the heavy accent upon the articulation. A breakdown comes at about 3:11 with the beat dropping out to just the male vocal and a heavy breathing exhale loop. The longest vocal then enters with the guy uttering phrases that include "Sorry to wake you up, it's 3 o'clock in the morning honey...but I have this kind of strange beats on my head..." "I can feel everything honey..." "I can fly...I can look good..." At 4:57 another lush space like sound flows in the background giving this track an enveloping sound as if you are in the middle as the sounds are all around you. A male Gregorian-like choral chant looms in the background as a sharp electric zapping sound keeps repeating its same progression, comprising the track’s last major segment before beginning the conclusion of the drum beat layers and chords. Tracks like Space Manouevres’ “Stage One” and Peter Lazonby’s “Sacred Cycles,” would mix well with this track since they share a similar spacey-trance sound.

Chris Lakes Trippin' Mix
This mix starts out with an electric guitar riff with a "wa-wa" echoed filter applied. The hard beat is complimented this time by a three-part trail of a clap which seems to roll in, increasing in volume for the first two, with the last being more accentuated & bigger in sound. He utilizes the main deep lush chord of the Original Mix, adding a continuous looping underneath of a similar chord in the same key. Although very repetitive and not much other change-up at all within this mix, this doesn't get boring or tedious because of the overall dreamy peaceful flow.

As described, both mixes have the same feel to them with a combination of progressive trance elements alongside deep house key progressions. The hard beat keeps them from being too ambient, and the enveloping sound will keep dance floors moving as the warm tones push you to move along amongst them. They could easily fit into the sets of Chris Fortier, Sasha & Digweed, Omid (16B) and Hernan Cattaneo, just to name a few. Paul Oakenfold has already been caning this track during his current US tour too. Elad & Ivor made a great decision starting off the year with this track’s release to spotlight Intra’s ability to carry out releases independent of major label licensing, as proven by the buzz already being generated by this track. Expect some huge records and solid A&R base to come out of Intra as Elad and Ivor continue to utilize their understanding of the global dance scene culled from years of experience as DJs and producers.

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