Artist: Spector
Title: Night Moves EP
Label: Alibi Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 28 May 2004
  • A1: Lawless
  • B1: Umbale
  • B2: Club

Spector "Night Moves EP"

Out Now on Alibi Vinyl

Having been involved with the music scene for as long as they care to remember, John Paul Denton and John Elliott have spent the last few months developing their own ideas into a project they hope will bridge the gap between the underground and the mainstream, the home and the club, and have been setting up a plan by which them aim to achieve this. The second release on Alibi Vinyl is the debut of their project - one that shall become known as Spector.

The lead track of the 'Night Moves EP' is 'Lawless', a dark, dirty breaks cut built around rippling bass, big guitar riffs and an emotionally charged vocal provided by none other than John 'The Voice' Elliott who once again pulls out the stops to deliver a ballsy solo that drills through the twisted breakbeats and into your mind. Coupled with some awesome guitar work and innovative electronic sounds, this is a forward thinking track that will tear dancefloors apart with ease.

'Umbale' is a big beat extravaganza, fusing wild bass into a groove of quirky vocals, melodies and big hooks that bring a futuristic disco twist to the overall track, keeping you hooked as the tempo drops to a crawl before building back into a frantic and energetic climax that will have you bouncing in time with the funky beats. A classy and clever track that provides a new take on the very fundamentals of dance music.

'Club' kicks it's way out of the speakers and into the dancefloor, a trippy prelude quickly leading up to the main section where funky rhythms shake back and forth before taking things as low as they can go. Prepare to be seriously wigged out as the track spins on it's axis before kicking back in with an array of dark hooks and beats for a finale that will leave you confused and abused, Spector style.

Having been talked about for a while, this first single from Spector is all they proclaimed it would be and more. With several more tracks and a live project in development, it will be interesting to see just how JP and John redefine and make this project one far removed from anything they have done before, and no doubt Alibi will be the place we see this happen as more from them is due soon.

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