Artist: Spector
Title: Lawless
Label: Apache
By: Jason Calvert | 16 August 2005
  • A: Mini Me Dub
  • B: Original Mix

Spector "Lawless"

Out Now on Apache

Following on from Frankenstein, the debut for Nascent imprint Apache, Spector provide a tight vocal number which is tearing up dancefloors across the globe. The Spector outfit is made up of a collaboration between Trafik's John Elliott and John Paul Denton, two who are very experienced in the production field. The track was first featured on the Night Moves EP on Alibi Vinyl, but here gets its own treatment with a refreshing alternative version thrown in as well.

The Mini Me Dub is a stripped back 4/4 interpretation of the track. Focussing less on vocals, and twisting the melodies and effects around so that they are the key players who create the mood over the vocals. Elliott's vocals do still however serve as a nice compliment to the propelling bassline and deep melody. A very strong track, and for those who aren't into breaks, then this will offer the perfect alternative to the flipside.

The Original Mix is a darker breakbeat excursion, shifting the main focus to the vocal, which is backed up by a tight bassline and well positioned mid ranged effects. Elliott's smooth lyrics drift in and out with razor sharp precision, as he tells the world "I don't give a fuck"! The melody swells in intensity and upon exploding, heightens the atmosphere greatly. The production quality is on par with most Trafik work, but with a distinctively different flavour which can only be described as Spector.

A very tight sophmore release for Apache, and along with Nick Muir's strong release, Apache are setting the bar quite high as to what the future holds for their releases. A label definately worth keeping an eye on. As for Spector, we have not been let down by them at all in the past, whether it be their smooth, blissful chillout works, or their tight breakbeats as showcased here, whatever they do, they do it well.

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