Artist: Spazmodic
Title: Spaztic Fantastic EP
Label: Planet Noise
By: Simon Jones | 1 February 2004
  • A1: Werwer
  • A2: Kajakk
  • B1: Funkee Material
  • B2: Exit Medina

Spazmodic "Spaztic Fantastic EP"

Out Now on Planet Noise

Spazmodic are another of Planet Noise's production outfits, comprised of DJs Kristian Mikalsen, Morten Settlie and Tor Olav Ellingsen. All three have a diverse musical background, with Kristian bringing the funk, Morten the rhythm and Tor the groove. Combining these elements with abstract sounds brings together this debut four track EP entitled 'Spaztic Fantastic'.

'Werver' kicks off the package, and is a smooth and spacious house track with killer moods and depth. Lounge chords infuse a glistening shine to the spacial groove, whilst bass drums impact like mini asteroids cutting through the sounds, the synths that rise up interrupting what otherwise is a solid hybrid of breaks and house. 'Kajakk' however is almost a million miles away, reggae style rhythms and a shaker drum line drifting haphazardly over a rough percussive groove, with vocal fills bringing a quirky edge to this experimental groove-led breaks cut.

'Funkee Material' is probably the most tech house inspired cut on the EP, soft percussive fills and bubbling chords encasing themselves around a warm and vibrant groove that shimmers through the centre of the track The track bounces along aided by a funky hypnotic b-line that will have you seriously wigging out. One for the heads for sure, with the final track 'Exit Medina' bordering on ambient dub with it's broken beat groove and arrangements of strange beats, bleeps, sirens and noises. with a pulsating hook leading the craziness. Mission Control samples just add to the weirdness of the track, but it sums up the EP as a whole rather poignantly indeed.

For those who like things a little left of centre, this is an EP for you. Planet Noise have a reputation for putting together some of the craziest sounds and beats, and Spazmodic follow in that tradition with this quirky yet diverse four tracker. Be sure to watch out for their remix of Bermuda Triangle's 'Tay Do 22' when it is released soon.

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