Artist: Spacegypsie
Title: True Love Never Dies
Label: Alternative Route
By: Simon Jones | 4 December 2006
  • A: Vocal Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Spacegypsie "True Love Never Dies"

Out Now on Alternative Route

'True Love Never Dies' is the latest release to come from long time European DJ and producer Andy Slate. Throughout the years he's held residencies in Germany and Hungary, and played alongside a who's who of DJs, ranging from Josh Wink to Westbam and many other prominent figures within the European scene over the last two decades. His production work has found favour with Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox, but also Deep Dish, Danny Howells and Desyn Masiello, so it's little surprise that his latest offering as Spacegypsie finds it's way onto Alternative Route.

The 'Vocal Mix' is a bass-heavy tech house track, sprinkled with percussive loops and subtle ambience. The production quality and sound is very reminiscent of some early Shaboom or Blakkat material, and overall the track is a solid piece of work, with it's only detracting factor being the somewhat irritating vocal hook and siren synths. Thankfully there's a superb percussive-led drum heavy dub on the flip which makes up for this.

Alternative Route's "anything goes" policy generally works in it's favour, but whilst this track is what many would call "typically Desyn Masiello", when compared to some of the other great tracks released on the label in the last 18 months or so, it falls short of the mark. This however is merely a blip on an otherwise unscathed record of quality, and the label remains one of the most consistent and innovative around.

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