Artist: Source of Gravity
Title: Perseverance
Label: Pied Piper Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 August 2003
  • A: Mark Wheawill Mix
  • B: Midnight Blue Mix

Source of Gravity "Perseverance"

Out Now on Pied Piper Records

Source Of Gravity have been flying high as of late. Whether it's the label, the djs or in this case the production outfit, all have have increased activity as of late, and 'Perseverance' comes after a long delay and changing of labels, arriving on Bradford UK's own Pied Piper imprint. On duties for the remixes are Source Of Gravity's own Mark Wheawill and over on the flipside, Pied Piper's own Richar Gill teams up with Midnight boy Alexander Church for another rare outing as Midnight Blue, the results are two very different, but contrasting mixes.

Building on his vast production background, 'Mark Wheawill' steps up first, dropping in moody hooks sliding a rippling b-line in at the bottom end, sliding into the main section of the mix. As the beats slide out and Mark's own vocals come in, an emotive yet soulful edge is added to the sounds, as the groove drives on as the sounds and vocals soar. Peaktime soul for you all.

'Midnight Blue' however, pull something magical off here, taking the track apart and reconstructing it amidst floaty atmospheric layers and a deep, pulsating groove. Sticking to a fairly restained beat pattern, this is a downtempo joint fhat smokers will appreciate, with the gentle pace complimenting the vocal, allowing it to shine through above everything else, making this a choice cut for a warm up style environment.

Since it's relaunch recently, Pied Piper, has been flying the flag for some of the UK's homegrown talent, and this is no different. Watch out for forthcoming material from Jay Welsh, with a remix from another of the nothern production guns, Maurice.

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