Artist: Sound Alliance
Title: Sub Regression
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 6 February 2006
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Trafik 'Hexxed' Mix
  • 3. Trafik 'Regression' Mix

Sound Alliance "Sub Regression"

Out Now on Proton Music

James Zabiela is the man responsible for the well deserved uprise and recognition of the Sound Alliance outfit. And after listening to "Sub Regression", you will understand what he saw in them. After first hearing the release, the only word running through my mind was "!". Hearing so many new tracks each day, sometimes at the end of the day I can't think of one single track which has stood out. At the end of the day I gave "Sub Regression" a listen, I couldn't get it out of my head. The chords kept running through my mind, and when I could still hear it in my mind the next day, I knew it had to be something very special, which it indeed is. It seems to be just that extra level above everything being released at the moment, and is truly what a track needs to be to stand out in a sea of progressive releases. Easily one of Proton Music's best releases to date, being right up there with "Serenity", another personal favourite of mine.

A smooth breakbeat lays itself down on the Original Mix, as some filtered acid-like melodies run themselves through the percussion. The track slowly builds in intensity at perfect pace, and as the chord progression hits after the breakdown, all you can do is close your eyes and take a deep breath, as you prepared to be blown away. The texture builds itself up right throughout the track, and gives it a complete feel, and as the percussion drifts away and the melodies make their exit, you will still be hanging on for more, wishing it never ended. Luckily for you, there are two more mixes to keep us in a state of ecstasy!

The well known Trafik outfit provide two stunning mixes of the track. After being absolutely blown away by the original, I was sceptic as to how good any remix of the track could be. It seems Trafik knew this also, and hence took the time to craft their remix in such a way that it provides sound accompaniment and pays excellent homage. Keeping the breakbeat going, somehow the Trafik guys manage to heighten the emotion even more, most likely due to an amazing revamped bassline and a lot more texture in the higher ranges. The blissful melodies from the original are in tact, and when layered over Trafik's complex and original work, it is one of their finest remixes they have thrown down to date.

But hold up, it doesn't end there! The Trafik guys still have one more remix! Slightly darker than their 'Hexxed' mix, it builds in a slightly different fashion. The breakbeats are there, but more focus is shifted to the extra elements and a hell of a lot of texture, that is until the breakdown, where it explodes back into a 4/4 frenzy, with the melody slowly creeping in from underneath. An amazing variation on the other remix, and also gives the DJ a lot of flexibility when choosing which to spin.

To say I was blown away by this release is quite an understatement. I really do struggle to find fault with any of the 3 mixes showcased on the release. Everything from the percussion, to the melody, to the chord progression, to the structure, to the atmosphere and emotion, are simply magnificent, and have been very thoughtfully crafted. Sound Alliance have hit a remarkable high with this release, and it also reinforces that Trafik still stand at the forefront of the scene, and show no signs of going anywhere, which is sure to keep even the most discerning fans of electronic happy. Get this release, just get it. I can't stress enough how vital this is to anyone's collection!

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