Artist: Soulrider
Title: Silkymama / Luna Maduro
Label: Hallucination Limited
By: Michael Schreiber | 5 February 2003
  • A: Silkymama
  • B: Luna Maduro

Soulrider "Silkymama / Luna Maduro"

Out Now on Hallucination Limited

Soulrider's "Silky Mama" with b-side "Luna Maduro" is the fourth release for Hallucination Limited. Based in Tampa, it's the first offshoot of 2003 for Hallucination, which has been going strong for 10+ years and has been home to artists including Rabbit In the Moon, Second-Hand Satellites and electro luminaries Jackal and Hyde.

Founder, (dj) Three is focusing upon the talent of his friends and peers from home and beyond…some unknown, some already well established. Consideration is based upon anything deemed exceptional, regardless of the genre. "...To see music that pushes all the right buttons, but sits outside the standard “rules” of the game have a chance to shine" is Three's goal for Limited.

With interest from I Records, Guidance, Naked Music, LTJ Bukem and perhaps most notably Joe Clausell of Spiritual Life, Tampa native (now Los Angeles resident), Soulrider decided to "keep it in the family" and work with Hallucination Limited. Currently he is putting together an album comprised of "Latin and Deep House influenced electronic music.” The two tracks on this release are a teaser of what’s to come. In the meantime, check out Soulrider’s “Summeresque” featured on New Sound Theory - Vol. 1 compilation (BasicLUX Records).

Just listen to Luna Maduro and it's obvious why Joe Clausell was interested, because this track is exactly what you would have heard at NYC's Body & Soul party that Joe spun at, along with Francois K and Danny Krivit until its closing Fall 2002. Live percussion with a lush space chord introducing the electric piano two-chord progression, then inclusion of maraca shakes being introduced.

It then changes to a bass guitar riff, underneath drumming on cowbells and the bongo drumming accentuated by cymbal crashes. The main highlight for the track then becomes an electric organ playing out the funky soulful solos. The two-chord piano chord progression comes back, trails along, then adding in yet another swirling organ riff. Later in the track a vocoded vocal enters, but filtered enough that it sounds like it’s doing a jive repetition of what's being heard in the track. At 5:06, short light-sounding major key electric piano solos are introduced and used until the end, concluding with just one key at-a-time playing aside the bongo drumming. This is raw tribal-infused house that will remain timeless.

Silky Mama is a fast pitched, straight-up tech-disco groove. Clap-like sounds trail the fast-pace 4/4 beat and high-hat snare, that later adds in a very subtle bongo drum. This all compliments all the various keys played throughout as if they are each separate solo pieces taking place. Two lengthy notables include one from 4:55 to 6:53 played on a Hohner Clavinet synthesizer, exactly like Stevie Wonder used in “Superstition;” and the one that follows it on an electric organ. Others make up the underlying melody like the funky digitalized progression working as the bassline riff. If you are a fan of sounds similar to those of Timewriter, Doc Martin, Bob Sinclair and Roy Davis Jr., then you’ll love “Silky Mama.”.

These creations quite obviously are founded upon elements culled from Soulrider's knowledge of Tribal and Latin House genre traditions. It’s nice to see a house release put two tracks on the same piece of vinyl definitely unique from each other as they fall into two separate house genres. Those djs, who usually don’t stray from one particular sound, might be motivated to do so when they pick this one up.

This release is set to make its appearance just before the Winter Music Conference in March. Also forthcoming are unique releases from Blakkat, Reverse Commuter feat. Terryn Westbrook and the next Medway / Q6 release.

The "Hallucination Limited" label is clearly putting down a solid foundation already as one to lookout for this year through release of these Soulrider tracks and the preceeding releases by Phillip Charles, Terry Francis and David Christophere presents Lift. Stay tuned for even more treasures throughout the year…

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