Artist: Soul Mekanik
Title: Lil' Silver Boogie Box / C'est Robotique
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 11 March 2003
  • A: Lil' Silver Boogie Box
  • B: C'est Robotique

Soul Mekanik "Lil' Silver Boogie Box / C'est Robotique"

Out Now on RIP Records

Soul Mekanik's legacy has already been well documented with their many singles for RIP all having been essential purchases, from the downtempo goodness of Strictly Limited to the tasty recipes served up by the Home Cookin EP. They have cemented their reputation as purveyors of fine house music with remixes for artists as varied as Blackwatch and Sure Is Pure. This two tracker is their latest offering to an unsuspecting public, so let's unveil what they've brought to the table this time.

As soon as the first beats of 'Lil' Silver Boogie Box' kick in, you know you're in for a treat. Crunchy percussion and deep beats loop over and over, with key change upon glorious key change occuring in the underlying bassline, pushing forward in fun yet funky fashion. As the first part of the vocal utters it's words over the top of the track, the first deep house chords disperse against the groover and add a unique ambience to the track, bouncing along until the final vocal encore, where the funk-a-thon keeps things fresh right till the last note. A track which is both fun and is guaranteed to having you grinning your face off.

The punchy rough percussive loops of 'C'est Robotique' are matched by the french vocal and deep sub bass beats of the track. Vibrating grooves and vocodered effects add an extra layer to the track, allowing series upon series of rough beats to bounce off the percussion line, only to be interrupted by the superb vocal which reminds you of a time long forgotten. This modern acid house classic will no doubt be a track that will appeal to many people, young and old with it's slick production and fresh ideas.

Once again Soul Mekanik show us exactly why they are so highly accoladed, and this single is a good indication of what to expect from the eagerly anticipated album '81' which will be released somewhere in the next year or so. If you are old enough to remember acid house, this is for you. If you have the mental capacity to appreciate good music, this is for you also. In fact f*ck that, just buy this. You won't regret it.

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