Artist: Soul Mekanik
Title: Kolor Spektrum
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 14 July 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Illegal 303 Mix

Soul Mekanik "Kolor Spektrum"

Out Now on RIP Records

The summer is here, and what would summer be without a new single from those Soul Mekanik boys. Having spent the last few months locked away working on their debut artist album '81', Kelvin Andrews and Danny Spencer have teased us with several top notch singles, but 'Kolor Spektrum' is quite possibly their best yet, and features the vocal talents of word jazz legend Ken Nordine.

The 'Original Mix' sees Nordine's vocal dialogue woven into a jackin' tech house groove, shaker percussion and smoky beats guiding us through the story of the spectrum of colour and it's territorial tribes. "Cerise is definitely out", but all the colours of the rainbow are represented without a doubt in this quirky acid house style track, the old time radio style vocal being tweaked in the typical Soul Mekanik way, and another well produced slice of house from two of the scene's past masters.

Over on the b sits Soul Mekanik with a 303. The 'Illegal 303 Mix' is as you would expect, a big acidic interpretation with many layers of floating pads, chords and hedonistic stabs that ripple through the heart of the mix. The original's infectious appeal is let untouched, but this is a bouncing rework that makes it own kaleidoscopic imprint, and will no doubt be the mix most find favour with.

Another excellent left of centre offering from those rascals at RIP Records, and a taster of things to come as the home straight to '81' beckons, but don't forgot to keep your eyes peeled remixes of some of Soul Mekanik's finest home cooked house grooves will be appearing at a record store new you soon.

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