Artist: Solieb
Title: On The Button / We Are Moving
Label: Maschine
By: Chloe Harris | 16 March 2007
  • A: On The Button
  • B: We Are Moving

Solieb "On The Button / We Are Moving"

Out Now on Maschine

Oliver Lieb's Solieb project has brought us some brilliant music over the last couple of years. From Isotropy to Circus Maximus to Plastic Facility, each release has had a distinct trippy sound only Oliver can produce. For his first solo release of 2007 he climbs back into his minimal mode and produces two brilliant tunes for your mind and for the floor. 'On The Button' is a perfect slice of music with a round bottom end that wiggles perfectly, while 'We Are Moving' captures an acidy sound that will rock the dancefloors and then some.

'On The Button' is perfect. The bassline wiggles between gnarly bass and rubbery sounds, while the kick and highs are sharp but scratchy. A fantastic melodic hook rings in capturing a bit of a groove, as twinkly sounds fill up the background. A good minimal vibe sets in allowing everything to be heard and to stand out. Air effects ride up and down keys while the bass grows into something massive before dropping off into delayed and staccato effects. Vocal snips drenched in mental effects swim in a spaced out atmosphere before building back into the drums, bass and the melody once again before rounding down into just a pumping bass.

The flip is a bit more techy and acidy with a good dirty groove. 'We Are Moving' starts in with good bouncy ball-like drum sounds and some crazy effected vocal samples, followed by some wiggly acid. The tune builds off the acid taking it further into drum claps and cool changes that pull and stretch out the acid tones. A break finally arrives as the acidy falls deep into an ambient space. Lush sweeping pads slide over the acid while the drums slowly come back in building a good sleepy groove. The pads and acid continue to pull, stretch and sweep until everything calms down.

Maschine has been an exceptional label thus far and 'On The Button' is yet another fantastic release. There seems to be a bit more depth here than other releases and it fits perfectly with the style and sounds that meld together here. Oliver has been a busy man lately working feverishly on his Solieb album, as well as the recently launched Maschine Limited which will feature deeper, darker and weird music, the first release of which will be a AA single from Oliver himself – watch out for that.

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