Artist: Solieb
Title: Isotropy / Stay High (Remixes)
Label: Maschine
By: Chloe Harris | 31 August 2006
  • A: Isotropy (Lazy Fat People Mix)
  • B: Stay High (Falko Brocksieper Mix)

Solieb "Isotropy / Stay High (Remixes)"

Out Now on Maschine

Oliver Lieb's Maschine imprint has created quite a buzz amongst industry heads due to its underground and uncompromising arsenal of interesting sounds. Solieb is yet another alias of the ever-so-talented Oliver showcasing his new sound full of complexities hiding behind a minimal backdrop. This is the first of remixes to come from his collection and features two brilliant talents. Switzerland duo, Lazy Fat People tackle 'Isotropy'; a blissed out minimal tech song, while Falko Brocksieper remixes 'Stay High' into an analog bumpfest.

Lazy Fat People have quickly gained praise for their interesting productions, weaving styles together like they were meant to be. Their remix for Oliver plays up their own deep minimal style, and shows what they are capable of. A clever intro falls into a low bass bump, while a cool midrange hook is pulled through various tonal changes, building into a twisted breakbeat kick that ascends into the fat tom and cool clicky highs 'Isotropy' was built on. The sparkly synths weave their way in on top of the original bassline with a warm and analog sound and a sci-fi vibe. A crazy buzzed out effect captures a spiralling synth that falls deep into the beats and then drops off. The depth is vast and fits the mood perfectly. The sparkles come back and fade away giving into the beats. This is a perfect remix that not only compliments the excellent original, but builds upon it in it’s own unique way.

Falko Brocksieper is a clever musician as well as co-founder of Substatic with M.I.A. His sounds are complex but inviting, always with a minimal analog sound. Falko remixes 'Stay High' into a bumping analog tracky tune with clever hits and a bassline that jacks your body. The groove gets going, moving up and down a few keys, while the "stay high" vocal sample fills in space in between. A multitude of interesting tiny keys flutter in the background, keeping your attention until the end.

This latest release on Maschine is yet another compulsory purchase, as two of the finest Solieb tracks to date are presented in a new and inspiring way that any self respecting fan or collector of this style of music cannot be without.

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