Artist: Solieb
Title: Integrale / Inside
Label: Maschine
By: Chloe Harris | 10 October 2006
  • A: Integrale
  • B: Inside

Solieb "Integrale / Inside"

Out Now on Maschine

The ninth release on Maschine comes once again from Sir Oliver Lieb under his Solieb guise. He's on top form again with his new found minimal squishy approach to sounds. 'Integrale' finds a place on Jimmy Van M's superb Balance 10 mix, while 'Inside' sounds like it was pulled from some hidden industrial vault.

'Integrale' has a crisp electronic feel to it, along with a clever lfo making this a standout hypnotic minimal tune. Tiny beeps and boinks build a percussive groove while the clicky kick and low bass murmurs underneath. Animated bubble-snaps crackle and pop for a while before fading off into a hugely insane lfo filtered synth. The growth of this synth is brilliant going up and down keys, building wildly and creating drama, but fades ever so slightly with a muffled effect, leaving nothing but the beats.

'Inside' has a much more raw sound with thick kicks and Detroit-like snares thundering in with stomping kicks that repeat often. Spooky samples step in sounding straight from a classic Industrial tune, while long analog acid pulls the song further into weirder effects and samples. A reminder of some of Oliver's work can be heard here, with a synth that sounds reminiscent of 'Angular Momentum', but this is one acidy workout.

Every Solieb single has been an exceptional exploration in sound, and once again Oliver delivers quality weirdness that suits the dancefloor and mix compilations alike. Nine releases on and Lieb's Maschine is still running on full power.

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