Artist: Snake Sedrick & Khans
Title: Circular
Label: Hunya Munya Records
By: Chloe Harris | 24 February 2006
  • A1: Intro Mix
  • A2: Original Mix
  • B1: Fretwell Mix

Snake Sedrick & Khans "Circular"

Out Now on Hunya Munya Records

Hunya Munya’s fourth release ‘Circular’ by Snake Sedrick & Khans, is a dark throbbing atmospheric progressive tune, with an intro version, as well as a masterful break beat mix from Fretwell. Snake Sedrick and Khans both come from the depths of Hungary where they have been djing and producing for a few years, gaining attention from Moshic, Ali Ajami and more.

The first example of 'Circular' is a choice ambient rendition. A dark atmosphere plays to the deep throbbing bass, while high but sparse ringing tones fall into the slight beat patter that hides beneath it all. The 'Original Mix' of 'Circular' starts in with the deep throbbing bass and lush ambient sweeps. Airy sounds highlight the ringing tones while added layers of high hats and stronger percussion keeps the drive keeps going, which then fades off into a deep break. A new synth joins in, as its’ plucked notes carry a new melody bringing everything into a harmonious pulling motion that travels quickly to the end.

Break beat extraordinaire Fretwell spins 'Circular' into a melting pot of watery electro grooves with lush tones. The break beats step in first creating a solid groove, which gets swamped by a thick bass groove and the accompanying ringing synth tones. Other synths are added swirling and cascading around the beats, melting through various changes. The ride is smooth with very cool builds and warm pads, but when it all falls away introducing an ambient break, the song changes key transitioning to a deeper darker sound. Everything comes back in lightly and rides through more synth spirals before calming down to just the break beats and ambient lush tones once again.

'Circular' is very classy package of music from Snake Sedrick & Khans for Hunya Munya Recordings, and fans of Tim Fretwell should be sure not to miss this latest remix from him.

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