Artist: Smartminds
Title: The Fix
Label: Maktub Music
By: Chloe Harris | 7 January 2009
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Bradler & Dualton Mix
  • 3. Ben Brown Mix
  • 4. Alter Breed Mix

Smartminds "The Fix"Smartminds "The Fix"

Out Now on Maktub Music

New label Maktub debuts with a storming tech house and electro package from someone who knows their stuff. As one half of Fine Taste, DJ and producer Freek Gueze presents his newest moniker Smartminds. 'The Fix' is a quality acid tinged electro house workout fit for the floor with a quality cast of remixers from all corners of the globe.

Freek Gueze is a clever producer. The quality in his sounds can be heard just as much as they can be in his music and his DJing. His edgey sounds and quirky noise bits compliment his perfect grooves and 'The Fit' is no exception. The tune starts simply and builds around acid and an arped bass makes it funky while 8 bit styled sounds put the electro in the groove. Warm pad stabs set in before the beats drop out for the peak. A massive build, almost rave build up surprises out of the pads and pops but never kicks back in in an absurd way. The acid comes back and the groove follows while the 8 bit sounds work out of this effective and infectious dance floor tune.

Mathias Bradler, commonly known as one half of Mashtronic, teams up with Dualton, two very talented artists from Cologne. They completely twist 'The Fix' into a minimal hypnotic chugger with a quality groove. The sound is sparse, letting the bassline work the room with its huge low end that just seems to keep dropping down further and further. The bit sounds wiggle in and out, cut up and hidden cleverly in the beats while the acid sits back and lets the funk do the business. This track is such a perfect builder that it pains me.

Chicago native Ben Brown has quickly built a name for himself with his punchy big room electro influenced progressive house style. A thicker, more heavy bass accompanies washy dirty effected synths while the acid sits in the background. The new bass, similar to what Prydz may do, is creative and sounds fresh in how he works all the other parts. The synths become twisted and hypnotic in a big room style. And a massive peak towards the end that never seems to end makes this essential for any quality DJ.

Alter Breed from Israel round out the mixes with a stompy disco influenced electro workout. This is something for techno people as well as heavy house fans who like a bit of funk in their sounds. The bass is very funky and repetitive while the acid is there and working up and down a few tones. Reminds me of a more subtle 'Musak' by Trisco from years ago but works with the new sounds presented here.

Not much more to be said about the quality of the music presented here by Smartminds and Maktub. I'm looking forward to seeing what else the label has in store in the future.

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