Artist: Sleepfreaks
Title: Light Jockey / Strobe Donkey
Label: Sumsonic Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 24 March 2004
  • A: Light Jockey
  • B: Strobe Donkey

Sleepfreaks "Light Jockey / Strobe Donkey"

Out Now on Sumsonic Recordings

It's been a long time since Paul Rogers and Mark O Brien came together as Sleepfreaks, but after almost two years of working on other projects and their own solo work, they now reunite for a new Sleepfreaks EP. The lay off has also caused an evolution of their sound to occur, but fear not as 'Light Jockey' and 'Strobe Donkey' still remain true to the old Sumsonic sound we know and love, albeit more refined and sounding better than ever before.

'Light Jockey' is the more groove influenced of the two tracks on offer, a thick bassline providing the foundations for what is without a doubt one of the Sleepfreaks most experimental tracks today. A massive rock guitar hook drops over the top of the track as hypnotic effects and big synth lines are weaved together to add some energy to the chugging groove that lifts and pushes the track forward, dropping out to heavy drums as the breakdown approaches. When it hits, delay filters allow the guitar hook to simmer on it's own, right before the massive synth line returns for the final moments which can only be described as a classic Sleepfreaks moment. It's pretty clear to see the guys have not missed a step in their absence.

'Strobe Donkey' takes us down the peaktime tangent that earlier Sleepfreaks releases used to dominate. Building in big right from the opening beats, check out the huge analogue hook that rises up from the centre of the track, whilst melodic beats mix it up in a dirty, driving groove below. Moving into the centre of the track and floaty synth lines and pads bounce drift across the grove, culminating in a drawn out breakdown where the pads are left in mid air, guiding the analogue mayhem back in for the grand finale, at which time the dancefloor will really explode.

Another big release from Sumsonic, whom seem to be firing on all cylinders in the last few months. Hopefully we will hear more from the Sleepfreaks sooner rather than later, but there are plenty of other exciting projects lined up that will ensure that Sumsonic stays right at the forefront of people's minds throughout the summer months and beyond.

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