Artist: Slam
Title: Ghost Song (Remixes)
Label: Soma Records
By: Jason Calvert | 21 March 2009
  • A: Joris Voorn Mix
  • B: Prompt Mix

Slam "Ghost Song (Remixes)"

Out Now on Soma Records

Scottish outfit Slam certainly need no introduction. Since their formation of Soma Records back in 1991 their sound has evolved to keep them in top form over the past 18 years. The fantastic part about this is that if you ask a variety of people what their favourite Slam track or remix is, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a unique response from each. This is a testament to one of the grandest acts to grace the scene. 'Ghost Song' is their latest outing on their label and we are graced here with remixes from Prompt and man of the moment Joris Voorn.

With the impending release of Balance 014, Joris Voorn has become the talk of the (global) town. His mix of 'Ghost Song' has a very strong direction to it and has his trademark style of blending older style elements with a more modern minimalistic house feel. Some sweeping pads towards the end of the track give the composition a very lush overall feel and when taking a step back there are a lot of finer elements in this mix to savour. Voorn is certainly in top form at the moment.

Spanish producer Prompt has been gaining some widespread recognition over the past couple of years and given his minimal crossover house style he seems an obvious choice for remix duties. He absolutely tears into the main elements and instills a very glitchy flow to the composition. It has a rougher and dirtier feel overall and would certainly do some damage to a dance floor in those early hours of a Sunday morning. Whilst production quality wise there is slightly less to admire here than in Voorn's take, this one would still stand on its own quite well.

After all these years both Slam and Soma Records fail to disappoint us. If you're currently loving the more minimal tinged house that has been popping up all over the place in the past year then you will certainly want to check this one out. Voorn's mix is a clear cut winner for me but Prompt's version will certainly have its followers.

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