Artist: Slacker
Title: What A Dream / Goodnight Clocks
Label: Jukebox In The Sky Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 July 2004
  • A1: What A Dream (Promo Mix)
  • A2: What A Dream (Novo Mix)
  • B1: Goodnight Clocks

Slacker "What A Dream / Goodnight Clocks"

Out Now on Jukebox In The Sky Records

It's been just over a year since Shem McCauley last released some original material, and since then he's been busy touring the world djing in the remote havens he so loves, and has also been locked away working on plenty of new material. This new Slacker two tracker is the first of his new projects, and also relaunches his label Jukebox In The Sky, which will be home to his many aliases and alter egos over the coming months.

'What A Dream' is easily identifiable as a Slacker production, it's heavy beats, big bassline and off the wall arrangements all falling together within the upbeat and slightly addictive groove that pulls everything together. There are familiar sounding chimes that add some emotion as the break looms, waves of atmosphere washing over the looped vocal that has been woven in and out of the beats up to this point, the 'Promo Mix' ending as it begin, with the dub style 'Novo Mix' of the track adding some tougher stabs and more percussion to create a nice little diversion from the it's original path.

'Goodnight Clocks' is the second track on this 12", and again has the usual quirks that are very much a trademark of the Slacker sound. The bassline is vibrant and catchy, but the track takes a little while to find its feet, as it's not until the smooth beats and atmospheric sounds are layered into the groove that the track comes to life. Some nice strings change up the pace midway, with the the main vocal hook carrying us through the final few minutes with relative ease.

Two very different tracks, from a producer with a very different sound. These may not have the same appeal that earlier Slacker productions have had, but are well produced and worth giving a listen to at least, and you need not worry, for there are plenty of future hits ready to be added to the jukebox in the sky.

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