Artist: Slacker
Title: Psychout (2007 Remixes)
Label: Ruhnsong Recordings
By: Antonella Sirec | 3 May 2007
  • A: Micah '2007 Tribute To A Legend' Mix
  • B: Tungsten & Wulfram 'Lightcyclin' Mix

Slacker "Psychout (2007 Remixes)"

Out Now on Ruhnsong Recordings

With the number of remixed classics that have been released of late, I often find myself pulling my hair out for two major reasons. One, I believe certain tracks should never be touched as they have stood the test of time and are great the way they are. The other is that once such a track is scheduled for an "update", I'm left wondering at some of the choices made by labels in regards to remixers as the end result does not always do the original any justice. However, with the release of new remixes for Slacker's 'Psychout', my hesitations were temporarily laid to rest. In the hands of Micah and Tungsten & Wulfram, this particular Slacker production is updated and reworked into two very unique and interesting tunes neither of which let down the original.

First up on this release is Micah's '2007 Tribute To A Legend' Mix which takes the original concept of 'Psychout' and successfully reinvents it into a stunning piece of progressive house that will create havoc on any given dance floor. This particular interpretation starts on a beat laden tip, as spacey elements are interspersed to add a subtle trippy feel. This lasts for a short time and manages to pique the listener's interest in a very alluring manner. Soon enough a provocative bass line kicks in and guides the track onto a deeper level giving it a very warm feel in tone. During the duration of the track it's overlapped with melodic chords that further add to the warm nature of this rendition while retaining those vocal samples that really keep the track together. This new version is a fantastic example of how effective dance music can be when all the right elements fall into place.

On the flipside we find the Tungsten & Wulfram 'Lightcyclin' Mix which offers up another completely different version of 'Psychout'. Beginning on a more percussive sound, a halting yet moody melody comes in and manages to give this adaptation a more edgy feel to the overall sound. While the beat is consistent throughout, there’s lots of interesting sound effects layered over the top as well as that recognisable vocal sample. An interesting twist occurs during the latter part of the track when a beautiful by fleeting guitar riff comes into play. This gives way for a slight breakdown before the track returns to its up-tempo pace. There's such a complexity to Tungsten & Wulfram’s remix that it forces you to listen to it again and again in case something was missed on previous occasions. For me, this is very much a listening type of track and works wonderfully on a purely aural level and as such, the end result is quite haunting.

I'll be honest in saying that I was quite dubious about 'Psychout' being remixed, as it's been one of my favourite tracks since its release way back in 1998. However, with this particular release, both Micah who I think is an impeccable producer in his own right and Tungsten & Wulfram, which is an alias for a new collaboration between Micah himself and friend Chris La Pietra, have paid a lot of respect to Slacker's original track. This is great example of how a classic can be successfully updated and transformed into two very exceptional and striking ways while still keeping the main elements of the original. Micah's mix is a richly progressive interpretation that begs to be heard on a large sound system while Tungsten & Wulfram's is for me a much more personal endeavour with its various complexities. More so, both of these versions of 'Psychout' will appeal to a wide spectrum of dance music fans and I have no doubt will find their way into many promotional mixes.

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