Artist: Slacker
Title: Free Man / Memory Man
Label: Jukebox In The Sky Records
By: Mark Holloway | 6 February 2006
  • A: Free Man
  • B: Memory Man

Slacker "Free Man / Memory Man"

Out Now on Jukebox In The Sky Records

Shem McCauley has been producing well-known Progressive House/Trance music since the mid-90’s. Responsible for hits like “Your Face” and “Scared”, among many others, this talented musician known under the guise Slacker makes a solid return with “Free Man” released on the label Jukebox in the Sky.

The A side, titled “Free Man”, instantly starts with a very nice and smooth sounding beat. Within the first few measures there is a nice melodic hook that becomes an instant attraction to this song and will carry through most of this mix. Speech vocals drop in and add a sort of dimension to this song that makes the listener feel as if the Free Man himself is telling a story. The melodic bleeps, combined with a nice melodic bass line, build up as female vocals surround the background chorus. The breakdown has a very atmospheric sci-fi vibe while the female chorus oozes back into the mix and the rest of the familiar elements make the presence heard once again. As the track winds down the catchy melodic bass line seems to stand out a bit more than originally heard. This, combines with the groove of the beat, end the song perfectly setting up the DJ for a smooth transition.

The B side is titled “Memory Man” and is the alternative mix to the A side. Memory Man is slightly more upbeat and the presence of the bass stands out more than the original. While not as vocalistic as Free Man, this mix proves to be a solid progressive track with a small hint of vocal backdrops and a bit more variety towards the melodies and bass lines. The breakdown consists of a vocal hook saying “I’m a free man” but it has a musical presence to it that sits in the mix just right. This is definitely a track that would work well moments before the peak of a DJ set. The song continues in a way that repeats the breakdown only this time with a beat and no bass line, then quickly transitions into an emotional melody and then it’s all backed by female vocal tones. As the track winds down it slowly reduces itself down to nothing more than a beat and a melody, but somehow leaves a nice lasting impression.

“Free Man” is a release that retains that quality of music one would expect from Slacker. There is absolutely no disappointment here and while this song does have it variety of vocals and catchy melodies, it’s all in good taste.

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