Artist: Slacker
Title: A Million Dreams / Slip N Slide
Label: Jukebox In The Sky Records
By: Simon Jones | 20 February 2003
  • A: A Million Dreams
  • B: Slip N Slide

Slacker "A Million Dreams / Slip N Slide"

Out Now on Jukebox In The Sky Records

Shem McCauley first started out collaborating with the likes of Bomb The Bass, as well as remixing artists such as James Brown and Yazz. From here he teamed with Simon Rogers as Ramp and also Slacker, which became an on off relationship that has left just Shem to fly solo once more. Already we have been treated to 'Looky Thing' most recently, following on from such classics as 'Your Face' and the massive Sasha favourite 'Sacred'. Now Shem moves into 2003, intent on pushing the Slacker name to new heights, and this AA side, featuring the tracks 'A Million Dreams' and 'Slip N Slide' is merely the first step.

A trippy house groove rolls into action, as a beautiful fairytime melody shimmers into being. Welcome to 'A Million Dreams'. Deep beats punctuate the sounds that evole within the groove as the happy vocal flutters through to the surface. As the groove gets slightly darker, the melody develops and replaces the flow of the bassline, building to a snarling mini break and cascading down into another as the chords seperate and the melody fades to outro. Emotive genius with an addictive appeal that brings you back for more.

'Slip N Slide' is a different animal altogether, the dark evil beats making their presence known from the intro. A dnb style groove twists and turns under a subtle melody showing us exactly where the track gets it's name from. Rapid fire drum rolls and funky percussion only add to the craziness that unfolds as the track moves forward. As the groove moves deeper, the entity within grabs you by the throat and holds you captive for the rest of the track, assaulting your senses with pounding drums and eerie sounds. Let's get f*cking twisted.

Soon to follow will be new Head Honcho material, as Shem strives to ensure the jukebox in the sky keeps on playing for a long time to come..

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