Artist: Sissy
Title: I See You
Label: GU Music
By: Jason Calvert | 30 May 2006
  • A1: Steve Porter Mix
  • A2: David Trusz 'Even When Im Not Looking' Mix
  • B1: Micah 'Only When Im Visible' Mix
  • B2: Dub Mix

Sissy "I See You"

Out Now on GU Music

Canadians David Trusz and Johanne Williams form the much talked about duo of Sissy. Their sound crosses borders between electronic, trip hop, and pop, but is best defined as simply unique. "I See You" marks the debut single from their forthcoming album titled "All Under", and here it receives some quality remix treatment making it club-ready for dacefloors across the globe.

Veteran Steve Porter is up first with his trademark bouncing rhythms. Within these rhythms, there is an underlying driving force which moves with quite a solid pace. The vocal from the original retained, and Porter adds in his own swirling melodies over the top. The highs are a little dominating, and the new melody didn't do a whole lot for me, but there are many who are already hammering this one, so it certainly has its audience out there.

Trusz himself steps up next to provide quite a contrasting mix when compared to Porter's. The vocals are stripped right back, and the breakbeat percussion lines hit with a razor sharp edge to them. Twisted snippets from the original swirl around in the mid to high ranges and create a very spooky composition which is simply oozing with mood. Quite impressive!

Back to the club sound though, and Micah certainly steals the release with his take on the track. The bassline has a lazy sort of feel to it, and the tweaked vocal flows smoothly over the top. Micah just seems to have used the perfect amount of new melody and fx without going over the top, but ensuring he has created a tight mood. Simply great work here, and my personal pick from the release.

Finally we are treated to the Dub Mix, which is a downtempo trip-hop piece which will be well received by Massive Attack fans (it is especially reminiscent of the sound featured on "100th Window"). Johanne's vocal is the main focus here, and coupled with the eerie composition backing her, it is a very haunting track indeed. Great atmosphere, great mood, and if we can expect more tracks in this vein on the album, then it looks set to be a great album also!

Props go to Global Underground for picking up a unique band like Sissy. It highlights there ability to showcase talented musicians from all genres, and this release itself shows how they can turn these tracks into club hits without detracting from the originals. The name Sissy is already a hot topic amongst many, and with the pending release of their album "All Under" and the next single "So Long", many can't wait to see what the future holds for them!

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