Artist: Sinosine
Title: Two Systems / One Country
Label: MOB Records
By: Hugo | 17 November 2004
  • A: Two Systems
  • B: One Country

Sinosine "Two Systems / One Country"

Out Now on MOB Records

Having been a fan of Mob Records since their inception, I've been a little disappointed with recent releases on the label. For me they haven't quite hit the high standards that are infinitely possible for one of the world's leading breaks outlets. This time round Mob has enlisted the talents of two experienced ex-pats now located in Hong Kong who go by the name of Sinosine, who's style sits somewhere at the progressive end of the scene. With the likes of James Lavelle, Adam Freeland, Meat Katie, Steve Gerrard, and Steve Smart (Kiss FM) already giving Sinosine the thumbs-up, has Mob managed to get back on track?

The percussive intro of 'Two Systems' quickly leads into one of those semi-hooveresque basslines that can either make or break a track. This time it works well alongside the juxtaposed ambient ebb and flow of various background sounds and soothing synth lines, allowing track settles into a dubby skanking groove with a hypnotic effect. A sneaky vocal snippet from a popular rock artiste (who shall remain nameless) makes its first utterance and signals a breakdown in traditional progressive style, featuring swirling effects and a build back into the laidback groove, and that's about it. A satisfying production that, whilst not being earth-shatteringly dynamic in its brilliance, certainly has lasting appeal. If you like the UNKLE vibe, you should check this out.

'One Country' opens with a looped vocal (that is highly reminiscent of Bjork) over some skippy percussion, before dropping to a political message about a rather famous happening in a certain Chinese square, that introduces a darker bassline led groove that ebbs and flows without really taking things to the next level. Not quite as successful as 'Two Systems', but certainly similar in style.

So who are Sinosine? The two ex-pats in question are Ricky Stone and Dan F. Ricky has twenty years of DJ experience began in his hometown of Sheffield, where he eventually went on to play regularly for Renaissance and where his influences from those dons Sasha and Digweed, really took hold and shaped both his Djing and production direction. Having played all over the globe, Ricky now resides in Hong Kong and continues to regularly play throughout Asia. This single is his first venture into the studio for 3 years, as he couldn't resist the chance to work with Dan F. Dan (who started out as a globetrotting geologist, believe it or not) has released some top notch tackle in recent years. 'Weirdo' (Sound Of Habib) and 'Close Yer Eyez' (on his own Disuye Records) are worth searching for, as they were highly rated by Annie Nightingale (BBC Radio 1), Layo & Bushwacka, Medicine 8, and the ubiquitous Adam Freeland.

Overall an interesting release from Mob, and I'd certainly like to hear future productions from Sinosine, as they most certainly have talent to develop. For fans of the UNKLE sound, this is well worth checking out. Mob remains one of those labels that you have to keep an eye on, because there's always the chance that the next release is really going to blow you away.

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