Artist: Sinesweeper
Title: The Vibe / Korason
Label: Harlem Records
By: Chloe Harris | 18 August 2004
  • A: The Vibe
  • B: Korason

Sinesweeper "The Vibe / Korason"

Out Now on Harlem Records

The 14th release on Steve Lawler's label Harlem Records takes a dip into disco and tribal progressive house. Producer Bart Grinaert is from Belguim, and as Sinesweeper has been producing and remixing artists since 1992. He's had releases on some legendary imprints such as Positiva, Reloads, and Hooj Choons and launched his own label Headroom Music. In 2002 Bart decided to close his label to focus on his own music, and 'The Vibe' and 'Korason' were created for his debut here on Harlem.

'The Vibe' is a sassy disco stomper. A thick bass drum kicks in, while a disco loop brings in the funky bassline and a vocal loop that keeps everything sexy. A grooving guitar steps in, while everything but the vocal loop drops out. A string sound rides along the top as the song builds back into the funky bassline and disco and vocal loops, while effects swallow the tune with filters and quick beat changes.

Tribal toms and a short acid line start off 'Korason'. Drum rolls add a great layer, as the drums keep building and fall into a pulsing hypnotic bassline and a long synth that grows, reminiscent of 'Dark And Long' by Underworld. Dropping the energy down, a vocal chant comes in saying "Korason" and builds into a massive peak that pops into some new snarly sounds, the pulsing bassline and tribal drums.

These two tracks should appeal to fans of disco and tribal sounds, but overall don't really offer anything fresh and inspiring, which makes this a rather middle of the road release on a label that is normally fairly consistent.

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