Artist: Simon Baker
Title: The Fly
Label: Connaisseur Superieur
By: Antonella Sirec | 5 June 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: My My Mix

Simon Baker "The Fly"

Out Now on Connaisseur Superieur

As I've stated in a prior review, for me, 2007 has thus far been about exciting new producers emerging and really showcasing their unique talents in interpreting the differing sounds that can be found within dance music as a whole. One of those new talents to emerge of late is, in my opinion, a relative newcomer by the name of Simon Baker. With one of his productions already featured on the recently released 'One+One' compilation mixed by James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli and also included on the much anticipated Fabric 35 mix from Ewan Pearson, the release of his new production, 'The Fly' is set to make another noticeable mark with fans of truly interesting dance music.

The original mix of 'The Fly' starts off on a very minimal but groove laden beat while laced with interesting sound effects. Gradually, the main melodic riff comes in as the overall tempo of the track picks up a couple of beats. Throughout, molecule-like chords are literally dropped into the tune, which change its feel and really make the track quite distinctive. In the background, a sly yet constant rolling melody becomes noticeable which inherently makes the title of this track understandable. At the halfway point, a warmer melody wonders in as the intensity of the track begins to build. This is another turn in the feel of the track but only briefly as it drops back into a more minimal sound and remains on that level until the end. While this won't appeal to everyone's tastes, 'The Fly' is a nicely structured track that is quite interesting and will find favour with those that like their house music to have a bit of an obtuse twist.

On the reverse of this release, we find My My on remix duties. The one thing that's instantly different is that in their hands 'The Fly' takes on a much warmer feel as well as a more definitive up-tempo feel. This approach to remixes is almost becoming a trademark sound for My My but its one that I quite enjoy as they do it so well. This particular version of Simon Baker's creation is also much more melodic in nature as is evident with the use of a lush underlying riff. As such, the track feels much richer and has a certain sense of depth that is different from that of the austere feel of the original. As the track comes to a close, there's an added touch with the use of an organ sounding melody, which makes me wish that they had used more of throughout the track. As a whole, I think it's this particular version that many will steer towards as it has a defined dance floor appeal, but the best thing is that it doesn't take anything way from the interesting elements of the original.

With the number of minimal inspired releases flooding the dance music market, it's often a difficult task to wade through the malarkey to get to the good stuff. I'm not the biggest fan of this particular genre as I think there are far too many producers cashing in on a genre that they think is cool. However, once in a while, a tune that leans towards that sound comes along and makes you appreciate a sound that you wouldn't normally. While I wouldn't classify Simon Baker's 'The Fly' as purely in the minimal genre, it is based on the same concept but evolves into an intriguing tune that holds many more interesting facets. With the added bonus of a My My remix in the package, you're guaranteed an interpretation that's going to continue the more interesting elements of the track but focus them onto a richer house infused portion of the dancefloor. Highly recommended and a name to watch in the future.

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