Artist: Simon Baker
Title: Confused
Label: Viva Music
By: Antonella Sirec | 15 June 2007
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. David K Mix

Simon Baker "Confused"

Out Now on Viva Music

Of late, I've been feeling completely spoilt given the number of quality productions that have been passed my way this year and from which I've had the pleasure to review. With only half the year nearly over, I have a feeling that the best is yet to come. A producer who has really been turning my head is one Simon Baker and with the release of 'Confused', he's managed to show yet another side of his many talents.

The original mix of 'Confused' starts things off on a high-end bouncy tip before moving into a deeper bass heavy sound. The tempo begins to slow down slightly after a few minutes, which only helps to emphasis that bass sound. Gradually, a warped beat is brought into play, which changes the texture of the track greatly. This is the perfect set up for the powerful melodic synth that literally drops into the tune and becomes the focal point as the tempo starts to now pick up in pace. The swirling feel of the impending breakdown only adds to the tension being built before the main section kicks back in and starts this rather enjoyable process all over again and for the remainder of the composition. This is yet another example of Simon Baker's continued growth as a talented producer. While there are progressive overtures present in 'Confused', it still manages to defy being pigeon holed into any specific genre. As such, it is another example of some of the more interesting pieces of dance music to be released this year.

Following on from the original is the tremendous mix from David K, which immediately takes 'Confused' and literally throws it into the more murky areas of dance music. With the track much more up-tempo in feel, it almost slithers around within its general sound. Where that prominent synth was such a focal point in the original, in the David K mix it is used fleetingly and in a very sly manner. More present here is the use of fluttered sound effects, which only add a different layer to this tune. Much like the original, however, is the breakdown at the halfway point, which is once again used to heighten the continual build in tension. Yet now, when the main element returns, it does so in a more dramatic and explosive manner. As 'Confused' nears the end, there's another loop in the building tension before it ends to the sound of a quickened synth. This is an absolute killer of a remix which I can only imagine will lay waste to a heaving dance floor. Simply brilliant!

Simon Baker is one hell of a talent. It's that simple. This is a producer whose work continues to intrigue me, always interest me and whose creations sound fantastic when blared through speakers. Having already impressed me previously with 'The Fly', this current release has shown yet another facet of his production skills and his interpretations of the varying nuances of dance music. Coupled with the brilliant yet nightmarish qualities of the David K mix that accompanies the original, this a release that I highly recommend and only makes me eager to hear what else will be forthcoming from Simon Baker.

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